If you start to find social media is stressing you out, the start of the New Year is a great time to take a step back and evaluate what you are doing and where you are feeling stressed.  Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • Is too much information flowing in, and I feel like I am drowning?
  • Do I read so much I don’t have any time to take action?
  • Is the information which comes in increasingly irrelevant to me?
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Media tips

Social media as a news source

One of the reasons we love Twitter is as a source of news.  You can apply using Twitter as a news source in a range of ways.

    • To set up a search term linked to your industry, for instance “executive coaching, coaching supervision” etc
    • To get information about a sector – financial services, law etc
    • Another great way is to watch out for hashtags being used about news events, conferences and discussions.
    • You can use Twitter search to find relevant conversations
    • Keep up to date with people you know to stay connected with relevant information in your personal network

And it doesn’t have to be about work – I have used it personally in the last few days to find out the reason why there was huge overcrowding on the Virgin Trains journey I took on Sunday (after no announcements on the train itself), and today to use the #tubestrike hashtag to find out what the state of the tubes and buses were for getting into central London. Yes – you may need to double check your data (depending on what you want to use it for) however like anything – check your source, and make your assessment.  On a live event like the tube strike it is particularly useful as it gives a real time update from people out and about in the city which actually helps to “validate” the official news with on the ground updates.

Connecting via social media

One of the other reasons I am a fan of social media is that it gives me an easy way to connect with people. Connecting is what makes the difference in social media – more than just having content to share (even really great content), more than the numbers, but about the quality of the interactions you can have.

Your interactions can be quick and easy (a tweet here and there) or can morph into telephone calls, Skype contacts, email strings or even a real life meeting.

When we connect we take a risk to step out of sharing information, to sharing something of ourselves – whether we are a business, or an individual.  It’s all about working person to person, and acknowledging that smile that comes from within when someone else hears what we are truly saying, and engages with us.

On this site we discuss new media and social media and the roles they play today and how you can improve in your utilisation of them.

Go strategic!  Chances are you started out in social media by chance, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or without a focus.  Adding some thought and care into what you want to achieve is one of the best ways I know to help you start assessing.  Think about who you are interested in learning from, who you would like to connect with, and what you would like to discover